The Amuc, and Inca Hydra (The Next Journey Now in English and Spanish)

(A limited Tale, Focused to Joseito Arrieta from Radio Station 91.7 “Super Latina” in Huancayo)

Ahead: When Gilmore Anquist disappeared, no a person understood pretty where by to get started hunting for him. That was a nearly 3 ten years ago.
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I understood him fairly properly, that is, as effectively as any individual I suppose–, for an American chap–just one that was wandering in Latin The us for about two-a long time. He instructed me he was wanting for the thriller of the Amuc. I considered he was lying at the time, and was up to no great–some sort of hoax, it seemed to be a riddle at initial, then I begun to get these diary notes despatched to me, the types I am going to put alongside one another and share with you. The tale takes position in components of Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, and Colombia and even though these are just limited notes of a man who turned into an Amuc, it is a lot further than that, should really you not have examine the to start with experience of Gilmore Anquist, you will have missed a tiny info, but not adequate to make this not worthwhile reading through. The one place he appreciated the most was in the area of Huancayo, so I listened to from lots of of its residences thereabouts in the Mantaro Valley location, up and close to San Jeronimo, by the previous 16th century church, San Sebastian.

The Amuc
(By Gilmore Anquist ((diary notes))

From the first story: The Amuc: “The very little Amuc smiled a sneering smile I was a new creature to him, as he was to me. He spit out appears I under no circumstances read, as I suppose I did to him, two languages that hung on smiles and system language. But I understood him to say, “We have a kingdom down listed here, and you are welcome, nevertheless I do not feel you will be leaving.” And of system he was appropriate. And in his encounter and hand gestures, he implied: I will have to hurry alongside, the funeral was getting area, and like a candle blown out, he was absent. I cannot remember for the daily life of me when that was I mean, was it a year in the past, or 5, or probably ten?”

The 2nd Journey: The Amuc, and Inca Hydra

Out of space and time, I experienced wandered aimlessly in the colossal mineral mines of the Andes, and salt mines of Colombia, tunnels that achieved from Boliva to Peru, all the way less than Ecuador, right less than Bogota, Colombia. Here is the place I fulfilled Inca Hydra, she reported she was born in the Huancayo, area of Peru, far better recognised as the Mantaro Valley place. Then her mom and dad migrated to the salt mines of Bogotia, some ten years back so she advised me, as a result, I experienced been wandering in these mines, tunnels for fifteen yrs. I was a loner for the most component, and had been shrunk to the measurement of about two feet from shut to six toes tall. It was that, or die by the hands of the Amuc, there have been two Amuc cultures down here. A person, I call the Angelic Amuc, far more friendlier than the other, the Iron Winged Amuc. The Angelic Amuc have blond hair and guard the tunnels for the most element, for the miners. They are pleasant, and like to joke, and Hydra is from that race of Amuc. And then there are the far more demonic, or cruel Amuc, the grey and black Amuc whom like to scare you to demise, much more like goblins. Let it also be acknowledged to the audience, there are ghouls in these tunnels, need to you be like me, drop into such a dilemma, and obtain by yourself, such in this underground environment destiny does not generally perform fair, nor does it favor any just one person.

So right here I was, in the hollow of the earth, less than the metropolis of Bogota, and out into the significantly areas of the town, with my new wife, Inca Hydra, from the tribe of the Angelic Amuc. We had been married now, going on, a yr, and we went from lone spot to the following like gypsies. She would dance and I would sing, for our food items. Be it mushrooms, new water, bread or an assortment of foods. I liked mondongo soup, and some of the Amuc produced it from corn and cow meat, the only trouble was is that they had to creep into some farmers kitchen and steal it, carry it again to the underworld, and consequently, it was very price, when bartering. But these foodstuff like potatoes ended up straightforward to deal for (sweet potatoes, mushrooms, carrots, worms, lettuce).

–Now that time has long gone by, I have had enough time to believe of course, and I want to choose for the remaining times of my existence, only my devoted spouse and producing my diary notes for people who desire to read through them in long term time. But Hydra needs to go back again to Huancayo, Peru, to live, where by the ghouls are much less, and the Iron Winged Amuc are fewer than the (Angelic) Blond Haired Amuc. There we will create a household in the Mantaro Valley (San Jeronimo), by an aged brickmaker’s house, termed Aged Male Augusto, whom at just one time the Iron Winged Amuc cornered, but he escaped into the hidden site of a mountain he was carving out and working with to make bricks out of. He experienced hidden there right until the Blond Haired Amuc appeared, and rescued him.

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