What Makes Gold Jewellery the Popular Choice

There are numerous reasons for its popularity and we are going to discuss some of the prominent ones in this article. According to the old saying “All that glitters is not gold”, gold has a unique shine and glitter of its own which makes it stand apart from others. In the purest form, it is very skin-friendly. Unlike other metals like iron or aluminum, it does not react when exposed to other elements, in turn, accumulation of residue is avoided that even people who are prone to metal allergies can wear gold jewelry without any worries.

Goldsmiths or craftsmen to favor working with gold when making jewelry designs as it allows them to come up with any shape of their choice without much effort. Since gold is a versatile metal, it enables creating even thin gold strands that are hard to sever. Experts in this field approve the fact that even a small quantity of gold like one ounce after hammering can produce a very slim sheet spanning ten square feet. Isn’t it wonderful?

But, gold in its purest form is very malleable and hence might not be suitable to create jewelry designs that are intended to be worn daily. For this reason, a small quantity of copper is added to it. The percentage of copper added to gold can be understood by looking at the mark made on the jewelry design. When a jewel is made of pure gold without any metal additions it would have a 24k mark and when it contains 2 parts of copper it has a 22k mark on it. The same is applicable for 18k, 16k, and 14k gold which denotes that it has 6 parts of copper and 18 parts gold, 8 parts of copper and 16 parts of gold, and 10 parts of copper and 14 parts of gold respectively. If you have any thoughts concerning where and how to use making gold jewellery, you can contact us at our own web site.

Since gold prices are sky-rocketing, various adulteration processes continue to happen. Some gold jewellers follow practices that tend to adulterate gold accidentally while some do it deliberately. Whatever might be the case, a person without much knowledge about gold and its making can get cheated easily and might be forced to pay more than its actual worth. To curb such practices and to protect consumers, Indian government has made the BIS hallmarking scheme a compulsory one. This is because hallmarking determines the actual quality and proportionate of gold content in a jewellery design. Such jewellery items even if sold at a later date would fetch good returns without any value diminution.

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