Ten Drupal Search engine optimisation Modules – Will have to For Your Web page

The Drupal module tools integrate seamlessly with all-in-one suite of Searching Engine reporting and for the optimization of the tools for your website. It also provides the dashboard that incorporates with analytical reporting of the links to the webmaster tools which are important for the vital Drupal SEO modules.

Following are important 10 Drupal SEO modules must for your website:

SEO Checklist Module:
This module is known to deliver a checklist of good SEO best practices in Drupal. This checklist aids in keeping track of what is required to be done. At first, it will go through the modules that are already installed on the system. Then, all you have to do is install the unchecked ones. When all the unchecked ones are checked, you’re done!

Use and installation of the Pathauto is important module for Drupal as it creates text-based URL’s for your website and makes the websites more easily readable for the users. It also carries silent keywords from the page title and gives a new look to your websites and also makes the search engines more attractive. Pathauto creates paths for your content and title of your post. It also assembles paths according to the content type.

Global Redirect Module
Installation of the global redirect module is needed where Drupal is lackadaisical about the URL’s and duplicate content. Global redirect module works as a supporter which ensures that all variants of the URL are redirected to a single authoritative URL. Without this module you will be able to check the content at node and blog at the same, which is not good with the search engines.

Nodewords Modules
The nodewords modules automatically generate the meta tags directly from your content that you have prepared. It saves you from creating them manually for each page, which is a hectic job. Nodewords are the powerful modules which can also be used to create keywords meta tag from ordinary taxonomy tags.
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The XML site map module is used for Drupal which automatically generate the site map for you and strike a major searching engines to notify them with a new content. It configures Drupal and adds tracker link and also configures site-map auto-discovery for your website by adding. With the use of site map no pages and links will be overlooked and it links ever node of your website that are published on the front page.

Token Module
Token modules are the small bits of the text which are placed into a larger documents through simple placeholders, such as %site-name or the user. This module provides a central API. Token modules provides the handling of the services in coordination with other modules.

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