Key word Density – Know How to Get Your Web site Properly Ranked in Search Engines

What exactly is keyword density and what effect does it have on your search engine rank? And better yet, how do you know if you’ve got too many or too few of your keywords on your website?

Keyword density refers to the number of occasions your target keywords appear on your web site.
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Keyword density is important since search engines use keyword density to choose what your site is all about based on the types of words found on your site.

For example , if you would like your web site to rank properly for the keywords “stop foreclosure” then you should have the phrase “stop foreclosure” located in several places throughout your web site. This way search engines can take a look into your site and know that it has connected with “stop foreclosure”.

If your keywords never appear on your web site enough, search engines won’t list you for those phrases.

If your keywords appear too often in your web site, search engines consider this “keyword spam” and they will penalize you for it having a lower ranking.

What does Google think your site’s keywords are?
Thinking about what kind of keywords Google thinks your internet site is good for? Go to the Google Keyword Device, click on the “Website content” radio key, enter your web address, and click “Get keyword ideas”.

Google will go and check your site and give you the keywords it things your web site is geared towards.

The top keywords for the site will show up under “Showing keywords grouped by these terms: ” (don’t worry about the figures in parentheses).

If your target keywords don’t appear on the list Google gives you, this basically means that Google is not finding those keywords on your web site enough to believe you should be considered on their behalf.

Appropriate density?
It’s hard to give you an appropriate keyword density range. As usual, your competition can give you a clue.

The simplest way to figure out the best density for your site is to look at those who already rank well for those keywords.

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