Right Way to Write Good and Effective Content

Have you been one of the low paid content authors who are tired of putting a lot of hard work and draining out tons of energy in front of computers only to earn nuts? If yes, then there would not become any looking back for you, once you are aware of what it takes to write an effective articles that can bring constant traffic, can get maximum hits, comments and wants. Let us have a quick glance of the tips to write a great content.

End up being as informative as possible:

You may get the particular topics on which you may be tempted to write. But , do not choose to blog around the topics that are of the least public interest. Always remember, people browse the web for information so content should have relevant information that can capture the interest of the public at large and satisfy their quest.

Inverted pyramid style:

It is always better to follow an inverted pyramid style which means trying to put the most significant information in the introductory paragraph. As the readers scan more than they will read and when they get the most appropriate content in the first paragraph they are tempted to read more.


This is very important.
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However good plus informative your content may be if it does not follow the SEO rules it would not have to get indexed in the popular search engines and hence go unnoticed. Here are a few SEO rules for the beginners:

· Capitalizing the very first letter of each major keywords of the title excluding in, and or, at etc .

· One of the keywords must be there in the opening paragraph and preferably in the first sentence in your essay and one in the last sentence of the last paragraph.

· Make use of LSI keywords. LSI or Low Semantic Catalog Keywords or secondary keywords must be included in the content. Try to add as numerous related keywords in the content as it can be.

· One of the subheadings must contain the keyword.

· Title must include the keyword and should not run greater than 7-8 words.

Make use of bullets, subheadings and lists:

Always remember that people check out the content so make your content easy to scan by including lists, bullet points and subheadings.

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