Tips on How to Party on the Cheap in Prague

Since the global economic slowdown continues and recession starts to bite, many travelers are choosing to stay at home and put off their plans until a later date. Here is more on levné ubytování praha visit our own web site.

Yet Prague is one city where it is possible to get by on a shoestring and still possess a great night out!


Firstly, travelers can often find great deals on Prague hostels rather than luxury hotels. Prices to get accommodation in the city are rising and it makes sense to avoid spending excessive on a place that will only be taken for a few hours to sleep…

Tourists could also save some pennies by partying in the bar or lay area of their hostel. Whilst they are typically great value, food and drink could also be bought very cheaply from local stores and enjoyed within the hostel’s shared living areas.


There are numerous bars and clubs within the city but , as the Czech funds is an increasingly popular destination for stag and hen weekends, some night areas can get expensive. It might be a good idea to analysis the current average price of a drink in the city before heading off on your trip in order to make sure you’re not paying too much.

As soon as in Prague, there are a number of free details points in and around the city center if you find yourself a little stuck for ideas associated with where to go or what to do. These are agreed upon by a man dressed as an oversized letter ‘I’.

Food, Drink plus Clubs

The Czech Republic is well known across the world for its beer and Prague has some of the best brews around. The meals is also typically excellent and, fortunately for the budget traveler, the local specialties are also a great way to save cash. Czech restaurants offer hearty, tasty fare that is often cheaper than imported food.

When it comes to staying up late, Prague’s nightclubs have something for everyone. The majority of charge more for entry the particular later it gets, so consider arriving a little earlier than you might back at home to avoid long lines and higher door charges.

Where to Mind

The city has an excellent, reliable and cheap metro system. It might appear a little daunting at first but is in fact very easy to use and will save on taxi cab fares!

The area surrounding Wenceslas Sq . and the Old Town is the heart beat of the city but it’s also the tourist hotspot. Travelers on a budget should head for the nearby Zizkov district for cheaper drinks and happy times, as well as a pick of the city’s hostels and great value group accommodation.

Finally, remember to take advantage of something Prague can offer for free: the views! Of course, it costs a little to make your path up to the top of the Petrin Tower however the spectacular sights are worth every koruny; there’s no better way to have yourself in the mood for awesome night’s partying than watching the sun over the city!

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