Advertising and marketing Opportunity of Snapchat

Snapchat is all over in the news for refusing a 3 billion USD supply from rival social network Fb. Due to the fact then there are many public spat involving the Fb management and Snapchat administration.

So what is it that is driving Facebook to acquire Snapchat?
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Snapchat is neat – It is one particular of the most broadly perceived cool application in the globe. It is increasing at neck breaking pace and reached fifty million active consumers prior to any of the other startup social media apps. The software is most cherished by the youngsters who contrary to the earlier technology have an understanding of that regardless of what you depart on the net it stays there for good.

It is completely engrossing — If you are using it then you are wholly in it. In contrast to the other social media community it has taken the generation’s dilemma “Have I missed some thing critical” to the subsequent stage. It is totally engrossing, critically private and to a excellent extent genuinely private. This intimacy is the element that is driving its advancement mainly because adolescents like the preceding generations equipped to hold their friend circle shut alternatively than an open a person these kinds of as Fb and Google+.

Marketers’ Aspiration

Snapchat is a marketer’s desire in the fashionable working day media natural environment where by everyone of us is bombarded with extra than 100 ads a working day throughout all platforms. Snapchat offers a software that is seriously personal. What it provides is one hundred% person focus and participation. The user has to hold the thumb on display screen to retain the information rolling.

Even nevertheless Snapchat has resisted advertising so considerably it can be properly assumed that as soon as it reaches a certain scale, it will be additional receptive to it. That will give a entirely new metric to the advertisers – Active consumer engagement level.

How long the person viewed the ad or how very long he / she contemplated about the offer and what action he /she took about the information. It will open new frontiers for the on the internet advertising and marketing as advertisers were being not only ready to understand what is the arrive at of the information, on how many screens it acquired displayed, what folks were being seeking for but also how time they invested on ad and what action they took. What form of ad will take how significantly reaction time and what can be performed to better the message.


It seems that the huge possibilities of really individualized, time and room particular ad dependent on the system have just opened. This revolution will be even more fueled by Snapchat and forthcoming technological innovation products these types of as Google glass and sensible watches.

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